​Unique and delicious desserts, favors and more! 

Specializing in Weddings, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, Birthdays, Communion and Graduation Parties.

​Everything is better when Dipped

A working girl in the corporate world decided she needed something she could call a "fun job." She would always bring in special treats for her co-workers or make something special to honor someone's birthday since baking and cooking were one of her hobbies.  She was guided by her mother and grandmothers, friend's secret recipes and her love for chocolate.  From there on, she recreated what she had learned into her own little works of art.  Holidays would be the test of what this working girl's next great idea would be. The response from all of her taste testers was "These are absolutely amazing! You should really start your own business."  After the final taste testing at her friend's Bridal Shower, she gained the courage and confidence and created Brooklyn Dipped. 

Once upon a time...